US-based St Albans Cooperative Creamery will merge with Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) after receiving merger approval from its members.

For the past century, St Albans Creamery has been an integral part of the Vermont dairy community and in 2003 it became a member cooperative of DFA.

St Albans Cooperative Creamery CEO Leon Berthiaume said: “During our 16-year partnership, we have developed a strong, collaborative working partnership with DFA.

“In many ways, this merger is a continuation of the strategic goals, values and mission of St. Alban’s Cooperative Creamery.”

As part of the deal, McDermotts, which is owned by St Albans, the St Albans Cooperative Store and St Albans Cooperative Creamery Plant, would become DFA’s wholly-owned subsidiaries.

Through this merger, DFA will offer St Alban’s members milk market security, investments in a nationwide network of manufacturing facilities, as well as give access to dividends and member programmes and services.

With changing market dynamics, the merger is expected to provide St Albans members with a secure and long-term future.

Additionally, St Albans Cooperative board of directors will be part of DFA’s Northeast Area Council, representing the interests of the dairy farmers.

DFA Northeast Area senior vice-president and chief operating officer Brad Keating said: “We are excited to welcome the hardworking members and employees of St Albans to the DFA family.

“Together, we are committed to investing in continuing the strong tradition of dairy farming in the Northeast.”

The merger will be officially closed on 1 August 2019.

Last month, the board of directors of St Albans Cooperative Creamery voted unanimously to recommend to its membership a merger with DFA.