Squeez’d Beverages, a division of Canadian beer firm Sleeman Breweries, has introduced Splash Spiked Sparkling Water to the market.

Splash Spiked Sparkling Water is a ready-to-drink alcoholic beverage, which has been produced using sparkling water, vodka and a hint of natural fruit flavours.

With 110 calories per 355ml serving and 5% alcohol by volume, Splash is claimed to be a gluten-free unsweetened drink with no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

Squeez’d Beverages marketing director Scott Pederson said: “We created Splash Spiked Sparkling Water to satisfy the increasing demand in the market for an alcoholic beverage that has no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

“It’s a refreshing option for people with active lifestyles, who are looking for a clean-tasting and convenient alternative to traditional sugary RTD products.”

The new RTD product will be available in two flavours: Mixed Berry and Tropical Grapefruit.

The Mixed Berry drink offers a berry aroma with tastes of blackberries and raspberry, while the Tropical Grapefruit delivers a lively citrus and tropical fruit aroma with a juicy grapefruit flavours and hints of  passion fruit, mango and pineapple.

Pederson said: “The flavours we’ve selected to offer have strong consumer appeal and the slim 355ml can retain the effervescence, chills fast and stays cool.

“We are excited to be bringing SPLASH Spiked Sparkling Water to Canadians this summer in response to the growing popularity of these beverages internationally.”

Splash Spiked Sparkling Water is available across Canada in a pack of four 355ml slim cans for C$9.95 ($7.76).