Wine importer Santa Margherita USA has expanded its Italian wine portfolio by signing a distribution agreement with the Masi Agricola.

From 1 April, Santa Margherita USA will be providing sales and marketing services for Masi across the US market.

Santa Margherita USA president and CEO Vincent Chiaramonte said: “Our common values for great winemaking, regional specialization, and deep respect to the land make Masi a great and synergistic fit for the Santa Margherita USA portfolio. We are excited to have them join our team and our family.”

Santa Margherita USA, established in 2014 as a subsidiary of Santa Margherita Gruppo Vinicolo, was founded by Count Gaetano Marzotto in 1935.

In addition to investing in the wine industry, Santa Margherita Gruppo Vinicolo develops advanced winemaking and production methods.

Currently,  Santa Margherita USA represents more than ten wineries across the US including Santa Margherita, Ca’ del Bosco, Kettmeir, Lamole di Lamole, Sassoregale, Torresella, Feudo Zirtari, Fattoria Sardi, Cà Maiol and Cantina Mesa.

Masi has also been associated with the wine business since 1770 after Boscaini Family acquired vineyards in the ‘Vaio dei Masi’.

It produces Costasera Amarone, a single vineyard crus and has expertise in the Appassimento method.

Masi Agricola CEO Federico Girotto said: “Together with Santa Margherita USA as our importer, we believe there is a bright future for Masi and we complement their current portfolio. We are pleased to join them and build our business in the US.”