US-based beverage company Rocky Mountain High Brands (RMHB) has expanded its presence in Mexico with the launch of its CBD Life beverages.

As part of this initiative, the company has launched Rocket High, California Limonada (California Lemonade) and California Sabor Te Negro (California Black Tea).

Rocky Mountain High Brands board chairman Michael Welch said: “This is a significant milestone for CBD Life and Rocky Mountain High Brands.

“The beverages RMHB has developed and produced for CBD Life have now been launched in Mexico. CBD Life created a very innovative look and marketing campaign for these beverages.

“Based on their distribution channels, the great taste of the beverages and their inspirational marketing, these beverages will be a huge hit.”

RMHB noted that it signed an agreement with North Dakota-based company Eagle Processing and Distribution.

Recently, Eagle Processing and Distribution also acquired control of RMHB’s DFW co-packing facility for beverages, which will be operated as a new subsidiary of Eagle.

Welch added: “Our new agreement with Eagle Processing & Distribution brings new manufacturing expertise which is already helping us more efficiently meet CBD Life’s production needs.”

Last December, Rocky Mountain High Brands expanded its presence in Texas by signing a distribution agreement with DB Miller. DB Miller is doing business as (dba) Austin Beverage Company.

Under the agreement, Austin Beverage will distribute RMHB’s HEMPd beverages throughout Central Texas. RMHB’s HEMPd beverages are infused with 20mg of hemp extract.

Established in 2000, Austin Beverage has been distributing a wide range of beverage brands including Coco Joy, Crystal Geyser, Celsius, Bawls, Super Coffee and Wave Soda.