Sparkling rainwater brand Richard’s Rainwater has partnered with US-based Buffalo Bayou Brewing to expand its production capacity and commitment to local brewery partnerships.

Richard’s Rainwater is engaged in capturing rainwater before it hits the ground at its rainwater capture centres, which is then purified, bottled and distributed to the retail outlets.

Richard’s Rainwater president Taylor O’Neil said: “We are thrilled to partner with Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. to bring rainwater collection to Houston.

“In addition to a significant capacity expansion for our business, we are excited about the opportunity to work with the Buffalo Bayou Brewing team on their commitment to being on the forefront of sustainability initiatives.

“Together, we will prevent more than a half-million gallons per year of stormwater from entering the system in a flood zone while providing a superior clean drinking water option to the local community.”

Under the partnership, Richard’s Rainwater will collect rain for its new line of sustainably packaged still rainwater in cans.

Initially, the company intends to capture 500,000 gallons of clean drinking water.

The partnership is the first of multiple facilities planned to be operational by the end of next year and comes on the heels of closing a $2m financing round.

Buffalo Bayou CEO Rassul Zarinfar said: “Water is literally the first ingredient in beer, and yet you never really hear anything about it. Hops get all the glory.

“When Richard’s Rainwater team came and explained their passion for water quality and conservation, we knew we found a great partner who shares our values and will be fun to work with.”

Richard’s Rainwater currently distributes through multiple US retail outlets including Whole Foods, HEB, The Fresh Market and many other regional natural grocery chains.