Northern Ireland-based Rademon Estate Distillery has completed the expansion at its County Down-based distillery with the installation of two new copper stills in order to triple its production capacity.

The expansion marks the completion of a 20-month investment programme, unveiled at the company’s new Still House.

It is reported that the new still is considered to be the most advanced in Ireland.

The new gin still, which has a capacity of 1,071 litres (l) with two ten-plate enrichment columns, will allow the distillery to produce highly aromatic and flavoursome spirits.

The distillery, which is the maker of Shortcross Gin, has increased its brewing and distilling capacity by more than 500% since it was established.

The new 1,750l copper pot still is dedicated to Irish whiskey production.

“We are proud to take the next steps towards realising our vision for Rademon Estate Distillery.”

Rademon Estate Distillery managing director Fiona Boyd-Armstrong said: “We are proud to take the next steps towards realising our vision for Rademon Estate Distillery.

“In addition to the increased production capacity, we are thrilled to be able to welcome people to the home of Shortcross, with the opening of our new Visitor Experience Centre.

“We have taken great pride in developing a unique and welcoming space to meet growing consumer demand for the opportunity to learn and experience more about Shortcross Gin and of course, in time, our new Single-Malt Irish Whiskey.”

The investment at Rademon also includes the addition of a new visitor experience centre comprising a bar, gift shop and events space.

Rademon Estate Distillery head distiller David Boyd-Armstrong said: “The completion of this sizeable investment marks an important milestone for Rademon Estate Distillery, as we upscale our production to meet growing demand for Shortcross Gin.”

The company is planning to release its first single-malt Irish whiskey later this year or early next year.