UK-based spirits company Quintessential Brands has expanded operations at its G&J Distillers production facility in Warrington with the addition of a new production line for 20cl miniature bottles.

The move is part of the company’s strategy to take advantage of a growing market for miniature spirits bottles, which is said to be growing quickly at 31% year-on-year.

The new miniature bottles production line will produce 200,000 units per week.

The decision is also expected to boost the sales of the company’s gin portfolio, which includes BLOOM, Opihr, Thomas Dakin and Berkeley Square, as well as G&J Distillers’ Greenall’s.

Quintessential Brands co-founder and CEO Warren Scott said: “The miniatures market presents a significant opportunity for the spirits industry, and as the world’s foremost gin distillers, we are proud that G&J Distillers is right at the forefront of this trend.

“The miniatures market presents a significant opportunity for the spirits industry.”

“We are very grateful to Helen Jones MP for attending the distillery to open the new production line; it was a pleasure for us to show her around the site and it gave all of us a sense of enormous pride to show her just what a great asset G&J Distillers is, both to the local economy, and the wider UK economy, as we continue to drive the popularity of gin at home and around the world.”

In addition to producing miniature bottles of its premium gin, Quintessential Brands is planning to make miniature bottles of Irish whiskies such as The Dubliner, the Dublin Liberties and The Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey in the miniature format.

It also intends to offer miniatures for other brand owners and retailers that do business with its commercial products arm, Quintessential Brands Spirits Solutions.

Scott further added: “With production at G&J Distillers increasing as miniatures orders come in and the popularity of gin continues to grow, we will soon be starting a new recruitment drive, bringing a further economic boost to Warrington in the year ahead, so there are exciting times ahead in 2019 for G&J Distillers and for Warrington.”