The Government of Queensland has launched a craft brewing strategy to support the industry’s expansion.

The strategy is expected to provide independent craft brewers with access to new markets, as well as increase their economic contribution and capacity.

Queensland’s Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning Cameron Dick said: “Queensland manufacturers contribute significantly to the state’s growing economy, creating direct and indirect jobs, attracting private sector investment and facilitating innovation, and that includes manufacturers of craft beer and cider.

“Over the last five years, craft brewing has been the fastest growing segment of the beer market, a trend that is continuing.”

“Craft brewing has been the fastest growing segment of the beer market, a trend that is continuing.”

Queensland’s independent brewing industry approached the government for support earlier this year. In response, the government consulted key stakeholders from across the industry to understand the challenges and opportunities.

The new strategy will help the industry generate jobs and growth within the state, as well as open up tourism opportunities and growing exports.

Dick further explained that the government has identified nine actions, including exploring the option of establishing a brewlab facility in Queensland, streamlining liquor licencing applications and promoting Queensland’s craft brewing capabilities and tourism opportunities.

The Independent Brewers Association’s (IBA) CEO Alexis Roitman said: “With its focus on investing in the skills of the Queenslanders who brew your favourite beer, driving access to new markets for our unique products and clearing the path to growth through regulatory streamlining, the Strategy establishes a strong platform.

“The IBA congratulates the Queensland Government on this initiative. We look forward to working together to realise the industry’s potential.”