The Government of Queensland in Australia has introduced the Liquor (Artisan Liquor) Amendment Bill to support the state’s craft brewing and artisan distilling industry.

By introducing the bill, the government aims to reduce the regulatory burden on craft brewers as well as artisan distillers, supporting growth in the emerging industry and the jobs that go with it.

Queensland Minister for Regional Development and Manufacturing Glenn Butcher said: “The licence will streamline the liquor licensing application processes to more directly provide the authorisations desired by craft brewers.

“The bills delivers on a commitment under the Queensland Craft Brewing Strategy to establish a new licence that better suits industry and reduces regulatory burden by directly providing authorisations desired by craft brewers.”

The license will facilitate the on-site sale of craft beer, spirits and wine produced under the Queensland artisan liquor license or under the Wine Industry Act 1994as well as authorises the sale of artisan liquor produced on the premises for takeaway.

Additionally, it would eliminate the requirement upon distillers that restricts retail sales to 2.5% of production.

It will also enable craft brewers and artisanal liquor producers to sell or supply liquor at a public event and also would license holder to carry out online sales of its product.

The license should benefit artisanal liquor producers currently unable to sell their products online in Queensland.

It will be based on the principal activity of the business, either brewing or distilling, defined as 70% of sales on an annual basis, and also sell samples of their product at promotional events such as a farmers’ markets.

Butcher added that the new licence will focus on emerging and small-scale independently owned craft beer producers and artisan distillers.

This will work to promote the state’s artisan products, as well as enhance their market access and contribute to the growth of these industries.