Fermented Sciences (FSI) has unveiled its shelf-stable probiotic hard kombucha, Flying Embers, in the US.

Created in partnership with zümXR, the kombucha is said to be the first shelf-stable probiotic hard kombucha. It contains live probiotics and kombucha bacteria without the use of pasteurisation.

Fermented Sciences founder and CEO Bill Moses said: “This makes Flying Embers the ideal hard kombucha to take on-the-go for outdoor activities such as hikes, camping and beach days. This is for consumers that want a live, unpasteurized kombucha.

“We are committed to delivering a shelf-stable, delicious alcoholic beverage with true probiotic benefits. Ten years of rigorous research and development with our partners at zümXR has enabled us to earn the trust of our loyal consumers and stand by our brand’s better-for-you promise.”

Flying Embers is made using SCOBY, tea, sugar and using its proprietary process, creating a combination of native kombucha bacteria strains from the acetobacter family.

Aerobic strains can survive in the finished product at room temperatures.

Last November, Fermented Sciences secured $25m in Series B funding to enhance its footprint in the US.

Venture capital firm Ecosystem Integrity Fund (EIF) and PowerPlant Ventures co-led the funding round, with Blueberry Ventures and Monogram Capital Partners serving as participating investors.