Health technology company Philips has launched its café-style automatic espresso machines to brew coffee drinks.

The Philips Espresso series has been designed by the company to brew five types of coffee beverages including coffee, espresso, Americano, cappuccino and latte macchiato, from freshly ground beans.

Equipped with ceramic burr grinders, the machine can extract maximum flavour from coffee beans without overheating or burning.

It also features a patented AquaClean filter that delivers crystal clear water and prevents the requirement to descale up to 5,000 cups.

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The micro-porous filter purifies the water using three technology features and prevents impurities from contaminating the water.

Its ion-exchange technology removes calcium from the water before entering the coffee machine.

Using the machine’s MyCoffee Choice feature, consumers have the option to adjust aroma strength and quantity of coffee and milk.

Philips personal health North America domestic appliances director Lesley McIntosh said: “There is a growing desire among coffee lovers for quality beverages made from freshly ground beans at home.

“Philips’ new portfolio of automatic espresso machines is specially designed to craft five favourite café-style drinks. Using unique LatteGo technology to provide delicious milk froth and the easiest clean-up ever, users experience hassle-free, exquisite taste.”

The espresso machine’s LatteGo technology featured on specific models is easy to set up and creates smooth milk foam for coffee beverages with fresh ingredients.

Philips is offering its espresso machines in various models and finishes, starting at the suggested retail price (SRP) of $549.