Chinese self-branded liquors and wines marketer and wholesaler Oranco has launched its blockchain-based anti-counterfeiting laser recognition proprietary technology.

Huaxin Cellar Blockchain platform is spirits identification and collection technology designed to secure the authenticity of the company’s premium alcoholic beverage products.

It offers tamper-proof transaction information, traceable circulation records and permanent certificates records.

Oranco president Peng Yang said: “Powered by Huaxin Cellar Blockchain, the Platform is a full-service system covering all transactions from manufacturers to buyers.

“It offers services such as product authentication, product registration, circulation information tracking, B2C and C2C transaction support, product pick-ups and real-time trading.

“We believe that the Platform will serve as an exemplar model for reliable trading of premium and collectable alcoholic beverages online. It will guarantee the authenticity of our premium and collectable products while enhancing our customers’ trust and goodwill.”

Additionally, the company announced the launch of its e-commerce trading platform powered by the Huaxin Cellar Blockchain.

Yang added: “Currently, the Platform connects to AliAuctions and WeChat, which will enable us to serve a large number of customers.

“Through the Platform, we expect to expand our online sales channels, which will increase the number of our customers and improve the Company’s brand awareness and value.”

The company developed Huaxin Cellar Blockchain platform in partnership with Guangzhou Silicon Technology Co.

In September, Oranco announced that Huaxin Cellar Blockchain platform completed its test phase.