Supplier of the world’s best range of turmeric-based drinks, Temple Turmeric (erstwhile Turmeric – Elixir of Life) has launched two new exotic flavours, Mexican Chocolate and Matcha Latte, to its new Super Blend line.

To be purveyed to Whole Foods Market, the new Super Blends are created with coconut milk and hemp milk, giving the traditional flavours a modern twist, to help harness the proprietary organic Hawaiian Oana Turmeric’s full potential.

Founder of Temple Turmeric, Daniel Sullivan, said: "Our new Super Blends are a satiating experience that fuse conscious decadence with on-trend ingredients. Each variety is designed to honor the body through the best in drinkable turmeric nutrition. We’re so grateful to partner with Whole Foods Market and to be able to continue to spread the mission of supporting the health and well-being of the world."

Alongside the plant-based fats of the milk from coconut and hemp, Temple Turmeric’s latest blends contain a fusion of whole-food, dairy-free ingredients such as cardamom and raw honey. All of these aid in augmenting the bioavailability and functionality of turmeric’s active compound, curcumin.

Mexican Chocolate Super Blend is a mix of cinnamon and cacao delivered with a cayenne kick for a classic and pleasurable spiced drink.

Matcha Latte Super Blend is concocted with coconut milk and smooth hemp, while introducing Japanese ceremonial-grade matcha obtained at the peak of its nutrition from shade-grown green tea leaves.

Boasting three beverage lines, Turmeric Elixirs, Super Blends and PurePRANA Super Tonic, earlier Super Blends include Turmeric Golden Mylk and Bullet Brew Turkish Coffee.

All of Temple Turmeric concoctions are non-GMO Project Verified and high-pressure processed. Each bottle contains a minimum of 13 grams of Hawaiian Oana Turmeric, which is exclusively grown for the company by family owned and operated farms of Hawaii.

Whole Foods Market global grocery purchasing coordinator, Dwight Richmond, said: "At Whole Foods Market, our shoppers look to us for the highest quality, best tasting products that they simply can’t find anywhere else, so we’re excited to offer Temple Turmeric’s newest additions exclusively for them. They’re a great grab-and-go choice for our active, health-conscious shoppers, and they taste great too."

Available at a suggested retail price of $6.99 per 12-ounce bottle, Temple Turmeric’s new Super Blends can be bought at Whole Foods Market locations across the country.