Honouring the ‘teasers’ or furnace men in Beatson Clark glassworks of Rotherham, Parkgate brewery has launched Chantry Brewery Teaser, a 4.5% pale ale brewed using Bravo USA hops.

Quaffing Chantry’s brew since it opened 2012 end, Beatson Clark’s technical and environmental manager Tim Swetnam noticed that their beers mainly concentrated on the steel heritage of the town, with names to the beers such as Kaldo, Women of Steel and 18 Eight (a grade of stainless steel), without reflecting another heritage of Rotherham, the Beatson Clark glassworks that have been operating since 1751.

"I suggested to Sean Page from Chantry that he brew a glass-themed beer for Beatson Clark," said Tim.

"We discussed what style of beer I like and what I thought it should be called. I suggested Teaser, which has a double meaning: the beer teases the palate but a teaser is also the original name given to the furnace man in the glassworks centuries ago.

"Three weeks ago they told us they were brewing the new beer and invited us to go to the brewery and take a look."

The pump clip for the beer features Max Elliot, Beatson Clark’s furnace operator. The beer is available at Chantry Brewery’s three South Yorkshire pubs.

"The beer is delicious, a stronger than average hoppy pale ale, and we’re very proud of the association with this fantastic local brewery," said Tim.

Working for many years in the steel industry, Kevin and Mick Warburton got the idea for Chantry Brewery, and with the help of their friend Sean Page brought the brewing business to their home town.

Brewer Mick Warburton said: "Everyone in Rotherham is proud of Beatson Clark with its 250-year history. Tim is fan of our beer and when he asked if we could name one after Beatson Clark we were more than happy to oblige.

"We thought it fitting that Tim named it and brewed it to his taste – a nice hoppy session beer to quench the thirst of a glass maker, but with a bit more bite!

"The beer has proved very popular in the area. It’s being sold in over 30 local pubs and more than 4,000 pints of it have been drunk already."

Beatson Clark also manufactures beer bottles for breweries such as New York’s Brooklyn Brewery, Robinsons and Meantime.

Equipped with cutting-edge embossing software and an expert in-house design team, Beatson Clark has the capacity to tailor-make or customise beer bottles.