British beverage alcohol producer Diageo and other beer, wine and spirits producers have established a new partnership with online retailers, e-commerce and delivery platforms for creating new standards for online alcohol sales.

As part of this initiative, the companies part of the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD), established a global partnership to enhance safeguards for the online sale and delivery of beer, wine and spirits.

With safeguards and security measures enhancements, the companies intend to ensure that the minors are unable to buy alcoholic beverages online.

The measures aim to prevent delivery of alcoholic beverages to people below legal drinking age or to the individuals showing visible signs of intoxication.

The partnership will also promote global standards as a resource to support the development of national in-country codes and practices for online sales and delivery of alcohol that build on local and national regulation.

Under the new initiative CEOs of 12 leading beer, wine and spirits companies, as well as 12 prominent online retailers, e-commerce and delivery platforms that operate across six continents, agreed to work together and ensure that high standards of responsible business practice.

Dutch brewing company Heineken also joined the new coalition.

Heineken Global Public Policy director Justin Kissinger said: “The world continues to move toward e-commerce and COVID19 has only accelerated that trend. HEINEKEN is committed to the highest standards for responsible sales and marketing of alcohol.

“We are excited to join with other industry leaders to develop safeguards that ensure alcohol doesn’t end up with minors, and that support reductions in harmful drinking. I hope this initiative will grow to include more partners in the months and years ahead.”