Agricultural cooperative Ocean Spray Cranberries has launched a new functional beverage brand B1U to enhance its presence in the health and wellness segment.

Featuring real ingredients, including zinc, vitamin c, black tea caffeine, fibre and protein, the new beverage line-up is said to be free from sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Initially, the B1U range will feature enhanced water and will be followed by further beverage additions in the future.

The B1U brand of functional infused waters will be available in four different versions of ‘I need a boost’, ‘I need rhythm’, ‘I need immunity’ and ‘I need power’.

The ‘I need a boost’ beverage variant offers a combination watermelon cucumber and black tea caffeine, while the ‘I need rhythm’ is strawberry basil-infused water containing 8g of plant-based fibre.

On the other hand, ‘I need immunity’ is created using lemon chamomile infused water featuring 22mg of zinc and 128mg of vitamin C, and ‘I need power’ is a peach kiwi infused water with 10g of protein.

“The functional beverage category continues to be driven by health-conscious consumers who know their food is fuel for living a healthy life and are interested in a holistic approach to wellbeing,” says Kim McAllister, Director of Core Innovation at Ocean Spray.

“We are excited to offer the B1U brand as an innovative new entrant into the fast-growing infused water category that is forward-thinking, tasty and nutritious and will inspire customers to try it and choose it again and again.”

Packed in 16.oz fully recyclable bottles, the B1U brand is available at select Target stores this month and will be rolled at select Walmart stores next month.

The product is currently available for purchase on the Amazon e-commerce site.