Wholesome Tea, a subsidiary of Braintrust Investments, has bought ready-to-drink tea beverage firm Blue Buddha Beverages.

The transaction amount has not been disclosed yet.

Blue Buddha Beverages was established in 2009. It markets and sells a several types of bottled blended herbal iced teas. These beverages are sold under the Blue Buddha trademark.

Currently, Blue Buddha’s products are sold at natural foods stores, grocery stores, gourmet stores, and health clubs in the US.

Commenting on the acquisition, Braintrust Investments founder and managing member Kevin Kotecki said: "Blue Buddha has strong consumer interest. Their delicious blended teas and unique formulas should be enjoyed more broadly. We are thrilled to be adding Blue Buddha to our portfolio and will be working closely with brokers, distributors, and retailers to provide more consumers with access to the company’s truly unique teas.

"In addition, we will be dramatically increasing Blue Buddha’s marketing efforts, building broad scale, consumer awareness, and trial."

Earlier this year, Braintrust acquired Inko’s Tea, a ready-to-drink tea beverage maker.