Silicon Valley-based start-up Lost Spirits Technologies has scaled up its distilled spirits aging system that it intends to roll out in October.

The company will use the portable aging reactors called the THEA One that will be installed in craft distilleries across the country.

Located in rural California, the distillery is run by Bryan Davis and Joanne Haruta.

Lost Spirits had announced in April 2015 that it had been able to replicate the chemical signature and taste of 20-year-old rum in a laboratory setting.

Since then, the company’s engineering team had been working on developing a scaled reactor that would be able to produce enough quantities of the beverages to make it viable for commercial use.

Davis’ reactor is said to accelerate the process of esterification that is responsible for creating medium and long-chain esters that are responsible for other flavors and aromas like nuts, honey and flowers.

The unpleasant odors are said to disappear during the process.

The company said that around 65 distilleries interested in the technology are currently on its waiting list and that it is negotiating with various multinational spirits companies.