United Brands, a US-based manufacturer of flavored malt beverage JOOSE and beer products, has expanded its JOOSE product portfolio with the addition of new cocktail series.

JOOSE is made from all natural ingredients and is available in alcohol level ranging from 6%-12% ABV.

At 6% ABV, JOOSE is offered in six flavours; at 9.9% ABV, it is offered in seven flavours, and at 12% ABV, JOOSE is offered in nine flavours.

The newly launched ready-to-pour cocktails are JOOSE Screwdriver and JOOSE Hurricane.

JOOSE Screwdriver combines the flavour of oranges to form the standard cocktail taste, whereas JOOSE Hurricane is a complex blend of flavours including, pineapple, a hint of lime, and sweet passionate fruit flavours.

With 12% ABV, the JOOSE Screwdriver and JOOSE Hurricane are currently offered in 23.5oz cans.

The company will soon roll out the drinks in other packages.

United Brands president & CEO Michael Michail said no mixing or fuss, just chill the cans and it is cocktail time wherever you go.

"Our new technology makes clear malt beverages so close to the actual top shelf cocktails that people are choosing the convenience over the mixers at a fraction of the price," Michail added.

"The authentic taste and the 12% ABV leaves our customers longing for nothing."

The new JOOSE cocktail series, along with the existing JOOSE Margarita, are available for purchase at local liquor stores and national retail stores across the country.

Image: The JOOSE Screwdriver and JOOSE Hurricane flavours are bottled at 12% ABV. Photo courtesy of Business Wire.