Toyota Motor’s hospitality subsidiary Toyota Enterprises is launching Japanese beverages, including Shochu and rice wine Sake in Bengaluru, India.

Toyota has launched the beverages under a joint venture with Okanaga, and The Chancery Group of Hotels.

The India launch of the beverages would include Shochu brands Tempai, Tekkan and Noba and Sake brands Ichinokura, Otokoyama and Wakatake.

The company plans to launch the beverage across the country in phases. While the first phase would involve the sale of the drinks at The Chancery in Bengaluru, the second phase would extend the sale to retail outlets, hotels and restaurants across Karnataka.

The company will consider expanding the sale to the rest of the country through national partnerships in the third phase, reported the Hindu Business Line.

Toyota Enterprise managing director Kazuyuki Kawai was quoted by the Deccan Chronicle as saying: "We are not looking at the existing market, we are looking to create a distinguished premium market for our drinks. While there are a few brands in the Indian market already, what we bring to the table is a premium product unlike the others."

As per plans, the drinks will be sold as shots, like tequila and also as fine wine served alongside food.

While Shochu is a distilled beverage and contains around 25% alcohol, Sake that is made by fermenting rice contains around 20% alcohol.

Initially, 1.8l bottles will be sold at a price ranging between INR6000-8000. However, smaller bottles will be introduced later.