A day after thousands of Phoenix organic range soft drinks had to be recalled due to the fear of the presence of glass, New Zealand-based The Better Drinks Company assured there was no danger to consumers.

The company had to recall around 350,000 bottles of products including Phoenix-branded Cola, Lemonade, Light Cola, Orange Fizz and Raspberry Fizz with a best-before date of or between 13 April and 7July 2016 as some bottles were found to contain fragments of glass.

The Better Drinks Company CEO Craig Cotton said that the company announced the recall as soon as they found out the affected batches.

However, Cotton later announced that he was confident that the affected products had not reached the shelves.

Stuff.co.nz quoted Cotton as saying: "We wanted to be absolutely sure that we were isolating the right batches.

"As soon as we were comfortable we had achieved this, we made the recall."

The soft drinks are sold in cafes, supermarkets, petrol stations and corner stores across New Zealand.

While the company said that it has not received any complaints regarding the incident, it asked customers to stay alert.

Cotton said: "There have been no consumer reports of damaged rims or glass particles being found. However, consumer safety is our priority and we are activating a voluntary recall as a precautionary measure. Consumers are advised not to consume product from the batches outlined above.

"As soon as we learned of the issue, we implemented a full and comprehensive investigation with our supplier, following which we instigated a recall. We are calling our distributors and customers to alert them and ensure immediate action, as well as setting up an 0800 number for concerned consumers to contact us."