TH Group has launched its TH True Herbal products in Vietnam.

The superfood beverages were initially introduced in the US market in collaboration with NIZO, a Dutch contract research company.

In August, the lime, passion fruit, and blackberry varieties were launched in Vietnam.

NIZO CCO Marc Goemans said: “We are very enthusiastic about the launch of the superfood beverages in Vietnam. Two years ago, we started this fruitful collaboration, which resulted in the successful market introduction in the US.

“NIZO’s expertise in ingredients, flavours, shelf-life testing, including assessment of stability of functional ingredients, and efficient up-scaling resulted in an easy ‘hand-over’ to commercial US production facilities.”

"In August, the lime, passion fruit, and blackberry varieties were launched in Vietnam."

Demand for products produced with traditional and natural ingredients is increasing and these products are being embraced by the Vietnamese consumer for their health and wellness benefits.

TH Group chairwoman Madame Thai Huong said: “Consumers want to know the source of their ingredients.

“Whether you’re looking for protein power, energy, a vision boost, a relaxation, or heart health support, True Herbal beverages can provide you with those benefits in just a few sips. We are excited to bring these products to the Vietnamese market.”

Image: TH Group launches new lineup of superfood beverages in Vietnam. Photo: courtesy of NIZO food research BV.