American brewery Stone Brewing is geared up to invest approximately $31m in South Carolina over the next five years, a move that is anticipated to create 400 new jobs.

An East Coast brewery, which will be set up the company for distribution, will house a beer garden as well as a restaurant.

Said to be in line with a bill filed by Sen. Sean Bennett, R-Dorchester, and his co-sponsor Paul Campbell, R-Berkley, the company’s latest investment is set to loosen restrictions on breweries in order to bring large craft beer operations to the state of Palmetto.

Brewpub brewing limits will be increased from 2,000 barrels to 500,000 barrels annually with the new change, and breweries will also be able to sell to wholesalers and exporters of kegs, cans and bottles.

Earlier, the state law would allow a brewery to produce an unlimited amount of beer and to distribute its product. However, it did not allow the breweries to serve food.

Going forward, Stone Brewing also plans to open a new restaurant, which is only allowed under the brewpub laws of the state, at present.

Founded in 1996, the company produces and sells craft and specialty beers and specialises in bold-flavoured beers.

It offers its beer products through distributors and company-owned stores.