Russian Vodka maker Stolichnaya has unveiled Stoli Gluten Free Vodka, which is made out of corn and buckwheat.

The company expects to enhance its market share in the US with the gluten free product.

It will be available in the US market from next month.

The new product from the Russian based company has been classified gluten-free by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).

Stoli Group USA president and CEO Patrick Piana as quoted by as saying: "Innovating within the vodka category has remained an integral part of Stoli’s DNA for 80 years and counting.

"As with all of our innovations, we conduct consumer research and discuss with our trade partners to identify unmet consumer needs in the marketplace. Stoli Gluten Free will resonate with younger legal drinking age consumers who have an active lifestyle and greater focus on the products they consume.

"Our distributors have given very positive feedback to-date. We believe that Stoli Gluten Free is an incredible opportunity for Stoli and that it will help us continue to grow our market share."

Some experts have claimed that during distillation process gluten peptide residues dissipate.

The TTB grants gluten-free labels to products only if they are made from naturally gluten-free ingredients.

Stoli Group USA senior vice president of innovation and trade marketing Michael Oringer was quoted by as saying: "In developing Stoli Gluten Free, we wanted to create a product that not only delivered on a consumer need, but also achieved Stoli’s incredibly high standards of quality and taste.

"We experimented with a variety of gluten-free ingredients before finalising on a unique mash of corn and buckwheat. The result is delicious, old-world style tasting vodka that meets the needs of our consumers who live a gluten-free lifestyle."