Welsh rock band Stereophonics has collaborated with the UK-based brewer Brains to launch its own beer named Phonics.

The 4.1% pale ale has been made to celebrate the success of Keep The Village Alive album, which was released last September.

Slated to be launched within a few weeks, the new brewery is a result of the first collaboration of Brains with a rock band.

Phonics will reportedly have complex citrus, fruit and floral hop character, along with sweet biscuit and caramel malt flavours and balanced with a crispy, bitter taste.

Phonics is expected to hit the pubs across Wales in March this year offering a new taste to the beer lovers.

Brains head brewer Bill Dobson was quoted by CraftBeerWorld as saying, "We at Brains are massive Stereophonics fans so imagine our excitement when the opportunity to brew with them came our way.

"Brains beer and Stereophonics are two of Wales’s most well-loved icons and we can’t wait for our customers and music fans to give it a try.

"The band was involved from the beginning and really got stuck in with the brewing process. Kelly, Rich, Adam and Jamie spent the day with us choosing the ingredients, refining the recipe, adding the grains and hops."

The beer bottles will be equipped with a special pump clip that is designed by the Stereophonics frontman, Kelly Jones.

Kelly Jones said: "We’ve grown up with Brains, starting our early years with performing in many pubs in the Valleys.

"We’ve all enjoyed Brains beer too and we’re looking forward to taking a taste of home with us when we tour later this year and we’re excited to be able to offer fans the chance to enjoy something we’ve created with Wales’s best known brewery."