New York’s Staten Island assemblyman Matthew Titone has called for a ban on the sale of single-serving sugary sodas 16 ounces or larger for kids under the age of 18.

Titone who re-launched a package of bills on Wednesday said that the sugary sodas ban was aimed at reducing the over consumption of sugary foods and drinks that have been linked to health problems like obesity, diabetes and tooth decay.

While the proposed ban would make it illegal for minors to buy a single serving of a drink, a parent can still choose to give them to a child.

Titone was quoted by CBS New York as saying: "We allow children to see G-rated movies on their own, but they can’t see R-rated movies on their own. It’s the same concept.

"You know, if a parent or guardian – if they really want their children to have that obscene amount of sugar – they can purchase it for them."

Titone has also suggested a companion measure that would involve labeling of foods and drinks to show the percentage of a person’s recommended daily intake of sugar.

The New York Post quoted Titone as saying: "We are unintentionally consuming ­obscene amounts of sugar.

"The idea is to create some sorts of safeguards. It’s addictive. It’s not good for our health. We need to start somewhere."