US-based coffee giant Starbucks has announced that its popular Pumpkin Spice Latte will actually include real pumpkin.

The company revealed in a blog that the reformed version of the beverage will comprise real pumpkin and will exclude caramel coloring.

The move follows a criticism of the drink by food blogger Vani Hari known as the Food Babe who claimed that the drink contained Class IV caramel color, no real pumpkin, natural and artificial flavors, and a huge dose of sugar.

At the time, Starbucks had said the company was planning on phasing out caramel coloring.

Starbucks’ director of espressos America Peter Dukes said: "After hearing from customers and partners about ingredients, we took another look at this beverage and why we created it so many years ago. It was simple – espresso, perfectly steamed milk, warm fall spices with delicious flavor of pumpkin pie that reminds you of the cool, crisp days of autumn.

"So, with that great taste you know and love, the PSL returns this fall, and this time it will be made with real pumpkin and without caramel coloring."

The new version of the drink would contain espresso, milk, pumpkin spice-flavored sauce made from ingredients including pumpkin puree, whipped cream, vanilla syrup and a spice topping of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and ginger.

Starbucks has sold the seasonal drink for around a decade and has been called the company’s most popular seasonal beverage of all time, reported the Telegraph.

The company is said to have sold around 200 million pumpkin spice lattes in the first decade after launching them.