Reality star and animal advocate Prince Lorenzo Borghese has launched South Beach Brewing Company (SBCC) in the US.

SBCC has entered an agreement with the Eagle Brands for the distribution of its beer products across Southern Florida.

Through this new partnership, SBBC’s beer products will be available to consumers living in Miami-Dade County and Monroe County.

"We are thrilled to make our second home in South Beach."

Borghese said: "Our bunch beers are meant to be served at all times of the day. They are created to delight your taste buds and senses and are easy to drink and ultra-refreshing. Enjoy them at the beach or at the pool.

“They go well will everything from eggs to steaks and like all beers, are best shared with family and friends. Robert Baker, head brewer at Sea Dog Brewing Company, and I experimented for months with dozens of batches in order to create the perfect flavours."

SBBC has created its portfolio of beer in collaboration with Shipyard Brewing Company, the makers of handcrafted beer recipes such as Pumpkinhead seasonal beer and Monkey Fist IPA.

The SBBC portfolio currently includes two ‘Brunch Beers’, Strawberry Orange Mimosa & South Peach Shandy, as well as Blood Orange Sunset IPA.

SBBC claims that its brands are made using Florida orange juice or peach juice and its proprietary electrolyte.

Shipyard Brewing and Seadog Brewing founder Fred Forsley said: "We are thrilled to make our second home in South Beach.

"Maine gets very cold in the winter, so it makes sense that we'd eventually land in South Beach. It was just a matter of time.”

Image: South Beach Brewing Company's Family of Beers. Photo: courtesy of South Beach Brewing Company.