Manufacturer and distributor of sparkling water makers SodaStream has unveiled Fruit Drops, an unsweetened, naturally flavoured essence to add to water.

The company claimed its new product is naturally flavoured, preservative-free, and contains zero calories.

SodaStream's international chief executive officer (CEO) Daniel Birnbaum said: "SodaStream is on a mission to make water exciting for millions of consumers around the world.

"SodaStream is on a mission to make water exciting for millions of consumers."

"Fruit Drops is our first product initiative that invites consumers to enhance ordinary water, as well as fizzy water, simply by adding a twist of naturally flavoured fruit essence.

“Fruit Drops offer great taste, great value, and a great way for consumers to hydrate healthy."

FruitDrops is available in flavours such as coconut, lemon, lime, raspberry, pear, mango, orange, and strawberry-lemon.

The product is packed within a 40ml sleek glass bottle and each bottle can flavour up to 80 servings of water or sparkling water. SodaStream's Fruit Drops will be sold in June and retailed at $3.99 for 80 servings.