Sierra Nevada Brewing, a California-based craft brewery, is now offering its Pale Ale beer in 16oz cans.

The brewery will roll out the beer cans in 4-pack format, but will continue to offer its Pale Ale 12oz cans in 12-pack format.

Sierra Nevada Brewing founder Ken Grossman said they are fortunate to have a flagship that continues to delight new and seasoned craft beer palates, and the 16oz can lends Pale Ale even more accessibility.

"Drop a 4-pack into a backyard cooler, hike it up the trail — wherever you take it, you have a few pints to share with friends," Grossman added.

The brewery will soon begin shipping of new 4-pack 16oz cans to all the 50 states in the US.

Following the huge demand for its 12-pack blue-colored cans in 2013 Summerfest, the brewery will allot more quantity of the cans in 2014.

The 16oz cans of Pale Ale beer will be available for sale in April 2014.

Grossman said there is something special about popping the crown off a glass bottle, but the versatility cans provide is exciting for their entire industry.

"We’re proud to be among the craft breweries elevating a format that moves quality and sustainability forward," Grossman added.

In addition to Pale Ale, Sierra Nevada Brewery also produces Torpedo, Porter, Stout, Kellerweis, and a range of seasonal, specialty and limited release beers.

Image: Sierra Nevada Brewing offers the 16oz cans of Pale Ale packaged in 4-packs. Photo courtesy of Sierra Nevada Brewing.