Rack & Riddle Custom Wine Services, a US-based custom crush and winemaking company, has announced that its new wine production facility in Healdsburg will become functionally operational on 15 June, with full operations expected to begin in August.

The move is said to form a part of the company’s strategy to expand in Sonoma county.

Improvements were being made since October at the Healdsburg wine facility located on Moore Lane a few blocks from the Healdsburg town square.

Spread over an area of around 120,000ft², the plant will be involved in all phases of sparkling winemaking, as well as still wine bottling and alternative wine packaging.

Rack & Riddle co-owner Bruce Lundquist said the company has expanded its Sonoma county footprint over the course of just nine months.

"It’s been a long-held goal to offer our clients more winemaking options and increased production capabilities. Now, with two locations in the heart of Sonoma County wine country, we can," Lundquist added.

Rack & Riddle will completely shift from its current Hopland location to the new facility, within the next two months.

The company’s business was up by 40%, over the past two years. It has produced about one million cases of wine on behalf of over 100 winemaking clients.

Rack & Riddle currently offers grape-to-bottle, base-to-bottle, and shiner programs for private labels, and has two million gallons of stainless steel storage and fermentation vessels ranging from 500 to 50,000 gallons.