Producer of sugar-substitutes and sweeteners PureCircle has launched new stevia-based flavour enhancers.

The new enhancers will enable food and beverage firms to reduce the amounts of cocoa, vanilla, and sugar in their products without compromising taste.

The enhancers can be identified as 'natural flavours' on product ingredient labels.

PureCircle marketing and innovation head Faith Son said: “We are excited to have an opportunity to meet new needs of our customers by introducing these flavour enhancers that specifically address cocoa and vanilla.

"[The new flavour enhancers] can be identified as 'natural flavours' on product ingredient labels."

“We strive to uncover new properties within the stevia leaf, and this breakthrough enables us to service new markets and customers in a meaningful way.

“PureCircle is committed to maximising the full potential extracted from each leaf, and we believe our ability to reduce sugar and enhance key flavour tonalities naturally will be a winning combination.”

The company expects to see adoption of its new enhancers and stevia sweetners by many food and beverage companies as these products enable low-calorie and zero-calorie formulations.