Perrier, a French brand of bottled mineral water owned by Nestlé Waters North America, has unveiled its newest line of limited-edition packaging designs.

Launched as the second instalment of the brand’s "Inspired by Street Art" collection, Perrier’s signature bottles and slim cans feature striking original artworks created by contemporary French artist, L’Atlas.

The artwork will be featured on the 750ml, 330ml and 200ml glass bottles, the recyclable 1l and .5l PET bottles, and Perrier’s 250ml slim cans in original and all-natural flavours including pink grapefruit and lime.

Perrier Group marketing manager Priya Shenoy said: "In 2014, Perrier launched its street art-inspired collection, garnering great response from art enthusiasts across the globe.

"This year, we are thrilled to present the iconic work of L’Atlas, which perfectly underscores our brand’s passion for daring creativity."

The Parisian artist first began graffiti-based work in the early 1990s, creating art in public spaces and building a reputation for himself as a major player within the street art scene.

In addition, the company revealed that both Perrier and L’Atlas will continue the alliance to produce a string of extraordinary art installations across the globe.

The new collection is expected to be available at major retailers from October this year.