Pernod Ricard has partnered with Breakthrough Innovation Group (BIG) to come up with a new initiative called Project Gutenberg, which aims to reinvent at-home cocktail experience.

Conceived and developed by BIG, the Project Gutenberg is designed based on the bar at home concept.

The project includes creating a designer library, which will feature container books that will hold a sealed bottle of spirit, and a range of tutorials about cocktail recipes and personalised offers.

All the container books are connected to a service platform and gets automatically triggered according to the level of spirit in the container.

BIG managing director Alain Dufossé said with Project Gutenberg, they are utterly committed to the conviviality of the future: an experience that is connected, entertaining, tailored and responsible.

"We are still only at a very early stage of the project but the potential of dedicated products, services, personalised offers and experiences is infinite," Dufossé added.

Pernod Ricard CEO Pierre Pringuet said understanding, developing and imagining the conviviality of tomorrow – that is their aim.

"The conviviality of the future is a connected conviviality: mobile, instant and exponential, with its main vehicle for dissemination being the digital revolution. We have never had so many digital friends. But ultimately, this conviviality must first and foremost allow us to come together to share new consumption occasions with new friends," Pringuet added.

Pernod Ricard deputy CEO Alexandre Ricard said, "The digital revolution is a paradigm shift for our sector: for the first time, it allows producers such as us to engage in direct dialogue with consumers. It is a crucial challenge for the future of our industry."

Image: The designer library with container books that holds sealed bottle of spirit. Photo courtesy of Pernod Ricard.