US-based company Peet's Coffee has introduced a new lineup of beverages that include Vine & Walnut Blend, Pumpkin Latte, and Pumpkin Chai Latte.

The medium roast Vine & Walnut Blend has been created in honour of the very first Peet's coffee bar, which was established in California in 1966 on the corner of Vine & Walnut Street. The beverage will be served for a limited time period.

Vine & Walnut Blend was produced using coffee beans from Bali, Zambia, and Sulawesi. It has a flavour profile of subtly sweet, smooth molasses warmed by orange zest and nutmeg.

Vine & Walnut Blend will be retailed at participating Peet's coffee bars and for $18.95.

"Vine & Walnut Blend will be retailed at participating Peet's coffee bars and for $18.95."

Pumpkin Latte is a combination of hand-pulled espresso, pumpkin, and freshly steamed milk, topped with a light dusting of fragrant spices. It will be available in a price range of $3.80 – $5.10.

Pumpkin Chai is infused with Mighty Leaf Tea Masala Chai, pumpkin, and light spices to create an aromatic cup, which will be retailed between $3.95 and $5.25.

Peet's Coffee senior research and development (R&D) manager Patrick Main said: "There is no flavour that evokes the feeling of autumn quite as effectively as pumpkin, and we are pleased to present this classic fall flavour in a new way to our customers by offering an entirely non-dairy beverage by preparing these and other favorites with coconut milk and optionally topping them with our premium whipped coconut cream."

Peet’s has included coconut milk permanently in its menu, following the success of the whipped coconut cream topper that was launched last year.