On The Border (OTB) Mexican Grill & Cantina has reintroduced Watermelon Margaritas in the US.

The drink is made by pureeing ripe watermelon to release its crisp sweetness before adding it to a classic margarita recipe.

OTB Mexican Grill & Cantina's chief marketing officer Ashley Zickefoose said: "This is one of our favourite times of year to simply kick back, relax, and treat yourself to a great-tasting drink with friends.

"This year, we've got more choices than ever for celebrating the tastes and spirit of being on the Patio."

"Having the perfect cocktail is central to this summer's OTB Patio experience, Patio Vida. Patio Vida is that feeling you get when you're just hanging out and enjoying the outdoors.”

In addition, OTB has added several new or updated cocktails, including The Fresh Lime Skinny, 1800 Mercedes, The Green Apple Glacier, Poncho Punch, Cuba Libre, Padre Island Tea, and Limeade Fresca.

Image: OTB Mexican Grill & Cantina is inviting all amigos to come out to its local cantina to indulge in the seasonal favourite margarita and ten new fresh cocktails. Photo: courtesy of On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina/ PR Newswire Association