Cawston Press is introducing three new vegetable and fruit drinks, which in retail-first for the brand, will be available at Tesco’s chilled cabinets.

The three new drinks – ‘Sweet Greens’, ‘Sunshine Blend’ and ‘Radiant Roots’ – will initially be sold at Tesco, with the brand further planning to expand the range to independent stores.

Made from pressed fruit and vegetables, Cawston’s new range is said to incorporate all-natural ingredients and claim to be free from any added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives or colourings.

Elaborating on this, Cawston marketing manager John Mulvey said: "There’s a clear trend towards healthier, natural drinks that these are well positioned to take advantage of. This has left consumers open to new drink concepts, including the re-appraisal of ingredients such as vegetables – which were previously seen as niche.

"We’ve re-imagined veg & fruit juice, combining vibrant branding and exciting blends which capture the juice bar spirit in a convenient and accessible way. 2014 saw the business grow by over 60% and we’re confident these products will play a big part in recruiting new customers to our brand."

Sweet Greens contains 39% apple, 30% iceberg lettuce, 8% pear, and 2% cucumber, lemon, water and garden mint extract. While iceberg lettuce lend fresh, clean flavour, cucumber and garden mint complement and intensify freshness.

Sunshine Blend consists of 26% apple, 24% carrot, 21% orange, and 7% celery root juice, lemon and water.

Marketed as a fresh alternative to glass of orange, this drink is inspired by a classic juice bar drink with earlier notes of carrot, followed by fruity acidity of orange and fresh, but slightly savoury notes of celery.

Radiant Roots has 47% apple, 24% carrot, and 8% beetroot, lemon, water and ginger extract.

True to its name, the drink incorporates three ‘roots’ with two vegetables of carrot and beetroot and one spice of ginger.
The proportions of apple, carrot and beetroot lend a rich, fruity, balance and enhance its raspberry-red colour.

The new range will be packed in 750ml Tetra Pak cartons.

Tetra Pak business development manager North West Europe Ben Cutts said: "As consumers continue to consider products with a differentiated nutritional value, we are delighted to be working with Cawston Press on these new vegetable and fruit blends.

"Our Tetra Prisma® Aseptic 750ml cartons are perfect for storing at home in the fridge and are easy to pour for all ages, making them ideal for the whole family to enjoy."

The volume of the pure and mixed vegetable juice category is up 6.6% YOY, while its value is now £27.2m, as per data from Nielsen Scantrack.