A new brewery Saint Joseph’s Abbey has opened its doors for business in Spencer, Massachusetts.

The 36,000ft² brewery is the first certified Trappist brewery in the US, claims the company.

The new brewery aims to produce 4,000 barrels of beer in 2014, which is equal to 1.3 million 12oz bottles, reported The Boston Globe.

However, the brewery has the capacity to produce 40,000 barrels of beer or over 13 million bottles.

The brewery has already produced its first commercial batches of Belgian-style ale, which will be available for sale soon.

The new ale has alcohol percentage of 6.5% ABV, higher than many popular American beers.

The brewery has also signed a distribution deal with Massachusetts Beverage Alliance (MBA) for distribution of its beer across Massachusetts.

MBA sales and marketing director Brian Murphy said the uniqueness of being the first Trappist brewery in the US obviously weighed a lot in their decision to court these guys.

Saint Joseph’s abbot Brother Damian Carr said the monks opened a keg of the beer on New Year’s Day to celebrate the culmination of their efforts and the end of a long process that disrupted their secluded lives with construction crews, marketing teams, and various consultants who have been involved in the project.

The ale will be available in 4-pack format and will be sold at suggested retail price between $16.99 and $17.49.