Nestlé Waters North America has announced a new brand proposition of NESTEA set to hit retail shelves in the US this month. 

With the reinvention, NESTEA aims to improve its position in the $4.5bn ready-to-drink tea category.

The latest NESTEA brand includes new reformulations and a product line, as well as featuring a new visual identity and packaging.

Nestlé Waters' North America tea marketing director Cassin Chaisson said: “As consumers increasingly embrace simplicity and great taste in their beverages, we are committed to providing the finest ready-to-drink tea options on the market.”

“The thousands we surveyed helped draw the reinvention blueprint for our new look, new bottles, the reformulation of our fruit flavoured line, and the introduction of our real brewed range.”

"The thousands we surveyed helped draw the reinvention blueprint for our new look."

Prior to the brand’s reinvention, consumers were surveyed at every stage of development in a bid to gain knowledge of their requirement in the beverage aisle.

Made with real sugar and stevia extract, the new NESTEA fruit-flavoured teas contain no high fructose corn syrup, artificial colours, or flavours, as well as no genetically modified organism (GMO) ingredients.

The brand’s new range of real brewed teas is made with up to five ingredients including water, sugar, tea, rooibos, and citric acid.

Tea leaves for NESTEA are sourced from Nilgiri in India and the product is available in six-packs, with 23 ounce single bottles in Lemon, Peach, and Raspberry flavours.

The line includes Unsweetened Black Tea, Slightly Sweet Black Tea, Slightly Sweet Black Tea & Rooibos, and Slightly Sweet Organic Green Tea.

Image: NESTEA is available in six-packs and 23-ounce single bottles in lemon, peach and raspberry flavours. Photo: ©2017 Nestlé Waters North America