International specialty paper company Munksjö has added two new one-side coated papers to its range of base papers for metallised premium wet-glue beer labels.

The new products include: Metalkote Expert for returnable beer bottles and Metalkote Classic for one-way beer bottles.

Specially redesigned for returnable beer bottles, Metalkote Expert is an upgraded version of Metalkote Evolution.

Munksjö vice-president, Metallizing and Facestock Base Papers Adeline Saillard said: "With the review of our Metalkote range, we offer to metallizers, printers and brewers different paper solutions to meet more precisely the need of each end-use market, whether for returnable or one-way bottles.

"Those product launches are well aligned with our strategy to maintain our leading position as specialty paper producer for the metallized label business. For more than 20 years, we have been supporting the industry and are still committed to continue."

Offering an optimised varnish consumption and outstanding gloss after metalising, the upgraded version offers enhanced die-cutting, while balancing technical features for enhanced brand image and optimised performance, says Munksjö.

These technical features include high runnability in the metallising process, high printing speed, trouble-free labelling, and quick, cost-efficient wash-off.

Metalkote Classic has been developed as a high quality base paper for one-way beer bottles.

Munksjö claims the new paper meets the technical requirements of the metallising process, and enables high performance during printing and labelling.

The company also says it completes the Metalkote range by offering a dedicated solution for single-use bottles.

Both Metalkote Expert and Metalkote Classic are manufactured at the Stenay mill in France, which also produces one-side paper for wet-glue metallised labels, flexible packaging and facestock applications as well as clay-coated paper for release liners.