Mount Elgon

Matthew Algie, a UK-based coffee roaster, has partnered with Gumutindo Coffee Cooperative in Eastern Uganda and ethical trading firm Twin to support sustainable coffee production in Uganda.

The Gumutindo Sustainability Project seeks to enhance coffee quality and farming practices in the African country.

As part of the project, Matthew Algie will support farmers in the Mount Elgon region to implement environmentally sustainable practices, and produce coffee that complies with the Fairtrade, organic and Rainforest Alliance standards.

In support of the project, the company has received funding from the Fair Development Fund (FDF), a joint initiative that supports small scale farmers and workers in developing countries.

FDF is a fund managaed by Comic Relief and Sainsbury’s.

Matthew Algie technical director Ewan Reid said: "We want to use our expertise to support the implementation of change across the board.

"From simple enhancements such as improved harvesting and coffee cherry processing that will develop the quality of the coffee, right down to buying and roasting the coffee – with a view to Sainsbury’s cafés brewing it for their customers – we are looking forward to working with farmers on this exciting new project.

"If Gumutindo can put the best agricultural practices in place we can, in turn, ensure higher yields and improve cup quality, whilst at the same time improving sustainability through climate change adaptation."

Image: The Gumutindo Sustainability Project aims to improve coffee quality and farming practices in Uganda. Photo: courtesy of Matthew Algie.