ABCC accused the Sheehan Family Companies’ subsidiary saying that the company violated state laws that prohibit distributors from offering inducements to retailers in addition to unfair discounts.

According to a hearing notice, the company was also accused of offering incentives of substantial value and influencing retailers to conduct business by charging different prices for the similar product.

Massachusetts Treasurer Deborah Goldberg said that the commission will continue the investigation work to make sure that proper acts are put in place by license holders across the state.

The regulator will also hold a public hearing on 23 June in Boston, and in case the company is found guilty, its operating license would be suspended or revoked, Brewbound reported.

Lobbying group Beer Distributors of Massachusetts spokeswoman Nicole Giambusso said by partnering with brewers and retailers, beer distributors can ensure that new brands are able to venture into the Commonwealth’s beer market.

The ABCC, which has 14 investigators at present, is still investigating illegal pay-to-play activities.

Six months back, the regulator issued subpoenas to various beer companies in Massachusetts, including retailers, Harpoon Brewery and Night Shift Brewing.