Myanmar Economic Holdings has announced plans to acquire a 4% stake in Myanmar Brewery from Kirin Holdings Singapore for $40m.

Myanmar Economic is a diversified business conglomerate and Myanmar Brewery is a beer producer. Kirin Holdings is an alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages producer and marketer based in Singapore.

The acquisition will strengthen Kirin Holdings’ presence in Asia.

Heineken has announced the signing of an agreement with Kirin Holdings to acquire Brasil Kirin, a beer and soft drinks producer, for €664m ($702m).

Heineken is a beer producer based in Germany, while Kirin Holdings is a beverage company based in Japan.

The acquisition will enable Heineken to expand its presence in Brazil.

HQ Equita has announced the acquisition of a majority stake in WELL PLUS TRADE Vertriebs.

HQ Equita is a mid-cap buyout firm based in Germany, while WELL PLUS TRADE is a protein-based sports nutrition and weight management products developer and distributor also based in Germany.

The acquisition will help in expanding WELL PLUS TRADE’s international business and product portfolio.