US-based maple water brand Happy Tree has expanded its footprint across Mid-Atlantic and North Atlantic regions.

The producer of the first cold pressed/HPP maple water has expanded its presence to more than 200 stores across seven regions, Northeast, North Atlantic, Mid-Atlantic, Southwest, South Pacific, Northern California and Pacific Northwest.

Additionally, the brand is now available for delivery across the country on Amazon.com.

According to the company, the organic and non-GMO products line of Happy Tree is one of the most sought after natural products industry that represents more than $13bn in annual sales.

Happy Tree CFO Will Finkelstein: "Since we launched Happy Tree less than two years ago, the maple water category has grown quicker than coconut water did back in 2004-2005.

"With the popularity of our Original and now our Lemon maple water, and a broader awareness of the benefits of treewaters, we expect the size of the maple water category to continue to exceed the coconut water category when comparing similar time periods from their early years."

The company expects to offer the consumers a complete beverage containing healthy nutrients and hydrating electrolytes, with half the calories and sugar of coconut water at an affordable price sourced locally from maple tress across the US.

Image: Happy Tree is the innovator of the first cold pressed/HPP maple water. Photo: courtesy of Happy Tree/ PRNewsFoto.