US-based microbrewery Macon Beer Company is set to install new cellaring equipment in its plant, in a move to expand its production capacity by around 400%.

Manufactured by AAA Metal Fabrication, the new fermentation vessels were made with American steel, based on Macon Beer’s specifications to operate efficiently.

The new cellaring equipment is expected to be installed in May 2014.

Macon Beer will have the ability to produce beer that will be enough to distribute across metro Atlanta, Augusta, and Columbus, when the equipment becomes operational.

According to the company, the expansion will provide the company with larger distribution area as well as additional packaging options.

Commenting on the expansion, Macon Beer Company co-owner Cory Smith said the expanded capacity gets a Macon product into other areas of the state.

"The additional capacity gets us a step closer to canning our beers and that will result in potential product placement in package stores, grocery stores, and restaurants without draft beer, such as Ingleside Village Pizza and Lemongrass," Smith added.

Meanwhile, the company intends to find a local manufacturer for its expansion needs over the future, as it is committed to keep work within the country.