Unilever’s tea brand Lipton has introduced a new wellness range in the US.

The new tea has been created using botanicals and essential oils. It available in Stress Less, Detox, Daily Support, Soothe Your Tummy, and Bedtime Bliss varieties.

Stress Less contains herbs such as cinnamon, chamomile, and lavender, while Detox features dandelion, nettle, and grapefruit to give a herbal and green blend.

Daily Support includes vitamin C, turmeric, Echinacea and ginger, which are claimed to help support body's natural defences.

"Essential oils, supplements, and herbs are often part of wellness routines."

Soothe Your Tummy tea features ginger, peppermint, and fennel, while the Bedtime Bliss is a herbal infusion of chamomile, mint, and orange peel.

Unilever Tea director George Hamilton said: "We're delighted to launch our new Lipton wellness range. We know we're all looking for ways to take care of ourselves.

“Essential oils, supplements, and herbs are often part of wellness routines, and now we've found a way to incorporate them that's as simple as brewing a tea bag. From Stress Less to Detox, our range offers a beautifully crafted experience for everyone, everywhere."

The new range can be brewed in around 6 minutes. it is available at retailers across the US for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $3.99.