Auckland-based dairy brand Lewis Road Creamery is introducing two new milk flavours -coffee and vanilla.

To be sold nationwide, the milk bottles will hit the store shelves of the Cook Strait for the first time on 2 September.

They will also be on sale across the South island centres.

For the coffee milk, Coffee Supreme has supplied a Brazilian blend espresso. The same amount of caffeine as a flat white and a little organic coconut sugar are present in each of the 300ml bottle.

Lewis Road Creamery founder Peter Cullinane was quoted by as saying: "If it was just a straight shot of espresso or whatever it was too much coffee and not enough milk.

"Reducing the espresso into almost an essence…you get the same coffee taste and the same sort of coffee hit but the ratio of milk is higher than it would be if you simply expressed coffee and added it to milk."

Lewis Road Creamery has worked in collaboration with Heilala Vanilla to create the vanilla-flavoured milk.

The dairy company recently built another plant to meet the demand for its products in the North Island. The plant has expanded into South Island as well.

The new flavours will be manufactured at the Green Valley Dairy factories, one of which is still under construction.