The Government of Lebanon has announced its plans to close several dairy facilities over concerns of food safety violations.

This announcement comes after products including labneh from six dairy factories failed to meet health safety parameters.

Following testing by regulatory officials, labneh was found to contain microbes, bacteria and acids, which could pose possible risk to human health.

As Safir newspaper quoted Lebanon Economy Minister Alain Hakim as saying: "These factories committed serious, first degree violations that directly affect the health of citizens as shown by tests and analyses."

According to a report in The Daily Star, Hakim has not demanded the closure of these facilities, but only ordered them to stop production.

Health Minister Wael Abou Faour also introduced a new drive against restaurants and institutions violating food safety rules.

Lebanese Parliament’s joint committees will set up a sub panel which will draft food safety law within the next two weeks to stipulate the setting up of a National Committee for Food Safety.