Kaua`i Coffee Rum

Hawaiian Rum producer Koloa Rum Company has entered into a licensing agreement with Kauai Coffee Company to launch Kaua`i Coffee Rum.

A blend of locally grown and dark-roasted Kauai Coffee and Koloa White Rum with pure Hawaiian cane sugar, Kaua`i Coffee Rum features a rich flavour with bold notes of coffee and cocoa.

Kauai Coffee Company general manager Fred Cowell said: "It’s the perfect combination of two locally grown, historically significant crops. Our companies are both dedicated to quality and take great pride in what we do, so the ability to showcase our passion for coffee and theirs for rum in such a distinctive product is a wonderful opportunity."

The new product will join the company’s current product portfolio consisting of Hawaiian Rum ranges including Kaua`i White, Kaua`i Gold, Kaua`i Dark, Kaua`i Spice and Kaua`i Coconut.

Koloa Rum Company president and CEO Bob Gunter said: "Kaua`i Coffee Rum is a true Kaua`i-made product that exemplifies the remarkable diversity of agriculture on Kaua`i and the potential for innovation in creating exceptional value-added products."

The distillery also produces Koloa ready-to-drink Mai Tai, Rum Punch and Pineapple Passion cocktails.

In May this year, Koloa Rum Company announced that Young’s Market Company will distribute the company’s full portfolio of artisanal, single-batch Hawaiian rum throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

As part of an expanded agreement between the companies, Young’s was named as Koloa Rum Hawaiian rum’s exclusive distributor in ten US markets.

Image: Kaua`i Coffee Rum features a rich flavour with bold notes of coffee and cocoa. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsFoto / Koloa Rum Company.