Jos A Magnus, a US-based whiskey producer, has re-launched Murray Hill Club Whiskey into the market.

First introduced in 1892, Joseph Magnus' Murray Hill Club Whiskey is blended bourbon made from whiskeys ranging in age from 9-18 years.

Murray Hill Club Whiskey was reported to be one of the finest whiskeys available in the market prior to prohibition. The re-launched product is produced using Magnus' blending techniques that were lost during the prohibition period.

"The Murray Hill Club Whiskey is available in 11 and 18 year-old bourbon varieties."

Magnus master blender Nancy Fraley said: "With the desire to stay true to those century-old advertisements and newspaper articles stating that Murray Hill Club was one of the very best whiskeys of the day, that it tasted 'mellow,' was absolutely 'pure,' was preferred nine times out of ten by 'gentlemen in society and club circles,' and was unlike any other whiskey on the market, I set out to create a similar whiskey that would be worthy of the Magnus name.

"It's truly an exceptional and unique product," She added.

The Murray Hill Club Whiskey is available in 11 and 18 year-old bourbon varieties. The product is rounded out with a touch of nine year-old light whiskey, to impart additional complexity.

The whiskey has a colour of golden amber and contains notes of vanilla, layered in with dried fruit.

Jos A Magnus master distiller Brett Thompson said: "We are honored to get to work with Magnus Master Blender Nancy Fraley and it was amazing to get to taste her Murray Hill Club Whiskey blend.

"We're excited to be able to offer our patrons a taste of such a unique whiskey."

Image: Jos A Magnus has relaunched of Murray Hill Club Whiskey. Photo: Courtesy of PRNewsFoto/Jos A Magnus & Co.